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Lotus Arts de Vivre Japanese Lacquer Collection


Eastern Curiosities - Lacquer Collection
The Beauty of Japanese Lacquer Through Jewelry and Home Decoration Items at Lotus Arts de Vivre

“Lacquer Art” originated in Asia for thousands of years. Asian lacquer art is well renowned around the world for its beauty and fineness especially Japanese lacquer art. The magic of Lacquer Art is illustrated in the form of jewelry and home decoration items in Eastern Curiosities - Lacquer Collection from Lotus Arts de Vivre, jewelry, and home decoration brand. The collection consists of sets. The first set is composed of collective items from Rolf von Bueren, Founder of Lotus Arts de Vivre with each item is approximately 70 – 250 years old while the second set is newly designed but still using the traditional lacquer technique.

Rolf von Bueren, Founder of Lotus Arts de Vivre

Rolf von Bueren, Founder of Lotus Arts de Vivre started exploring lacquer art items for more than 10 years. Each item ages around 70 – 250 years old and are all very well kept. This type of art is originated in China thousands of years ago before expanding to Japan as well as the northern part of Thailand which is called “Lanna Lacquer Art”. Despite its origin in China, Japanese and Northern Thai lacquer art contains different techniques and uniqueness. As a result, Lotus Art de Vivre puts together 3 techniques from 3 countries for its customers including jewelry such as bracelets, rings, necklaces, and furniture such as Japanese style cabinet, jewelry container, etc.

Rolf von Bueren stated that “My work lifestyle took me to Japan a number of times. In the past, this lacquer art was widely used among ruling class people. It was a symbol of power. I am very obsessed with this kind of art as it is Asian knowledge. The technique is the use of rubber from Urushi Tree lacquering the item in several layers. The shine and color changes following the type of usages of the owner but the longer they are used the more beautiful they get as the lacquer changes according to the environment, temperature, weather, and any substances touching the items. As a result, lacquer art items also illustrate the identity of the owner”.

Eastern Curiosities - Lacquer Collection

1. Japanese Lacquer Bangle with Pink Tourmaline Frog:
a coated bracelet that is unique in its lotus leaves pattern added with the frog image that is the symbol of water and prosperity decorated with 1.15 karat of pink tourmaline. The eye is made from 0.11 karat rose-cut diamonds.

2. Japanese Maki-e Lacquer Ring with Diamond and Emerald:
a Japanese wooden ring with the use of Maki-e lacquer creating patterns by pouring gold powder on the product mixed with Raden lacquer technique where patterns are created from seashells (pearl). The item stands out with its peacock pattern which is the symbol of happiness and elegance. It is decorated with 0.01 karat of diamond and 0.07 karat of emerald.

3. Teak Wood Loop Necklace with Japanese Lacquer Centerpiece:
trendy in its design with various colors of maple leaves decorated with 1.64 karats of diamond and 1.61 karats of pink tourmaline. Japanese people call maple leave “Momiji” meaning changing color leaves added with pearl crafted into 3 snakes twisting their bodies reflecting power and intelligence.

4. Cinnabar Lacquer Earrings with Dangling Pearls and Black Agate:
red earrings that are created by the Chinese Lacquer Technique. It is great in its calabash pattern crafted on the items which are the symbol of good fortune. The items are decorated with the total of 4.02 carats of diamonds and fresh-water pearl “Black Agate” which is a stone for “Winning”.

5. Cinnabar Lacquer Earrings with Diamond:
red earrings using Chinese Lacquer Technique that is great in its calabash pattern decorated with rose-cut diamond with a total weight of 1.88 karats.

6. Antique Japanese Fan Necklace:
is a trendy necklace in ancient Japanese fan shape made with Carved Cinnabar Lacquer, black Buffalo Horn loop, decorated with 11.310 karats of pearl and diamond with 1.060 karats of emerald in the middle.

Japanese Lacquer Art
collective items of Rolf von Bueren

7. Japanese Lacquer Tray with Birds Nest and Birds Motif:
Japanese lacquer tray from Meiji Period (1868 – 1912) with Wajima Lacquer technique that is very famous from Ishikawa province. The pattern on the tray reflects high-class art with the image of pigeon flying out of its nest to find food while the other pigeon stays and guards the nest.

8. Japanese Lacquer Tray with Floating Fan Motifs:
Japanese lacquer tray from the Meiji Period (1868 – 1912) that is beautiful with the pattern of the “Flower o Hope” of “Tampopo” or “Dandelion” flowing in the wind reflecting happiness and freshness in a beautiful weather day. The items is made from Maki-e lacquer technique and was mostly used as a present for high-class people in Japan.

9. Japanese Lacquer Cabinet with Galuchat:
an ancient cabinet made in Meiji – Taisho era (1890 - 1920). It is unique in its Cherry Blossom pattern using Maki-e lacquer technique. The door is made from copper and gold. Lotus Arts de Vivre decorated this cabinet with leather decorated with silver to add to the luxury.

Those who are interested in jewelry and home decoration items in Eastern Curiosities - Lacquer Collection can visit Lotus Art de Vivre Boutique, Anantara Siam Hotel Bangkok at 10.00 – 20.00 hr. Tel. 02-250-0732 or visit, Instagram @ lotusartsdevivre.

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